Corner Nook

$1,075.00 + GST

The Corner Nook: A haven in your learning environment designed to provide children with a sense of security and tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of their day. Crafted to offer a safe and enclosed space, it becomes a personal retreat where they can unwind and recharge.

Versatility is at the heart of our designs and the Corner Nook is no exception. Whether it’s a cosy spot for reading, or a quiet hideout for solitary play – this piece will spark joy within your centre. It can even be added to your home corner area to foster exploration and imaginative play, as children transform the nook into forts, hideouts or collaborative spaces for interaction.

Corners in early learning centres can be tricky when it comes to furnishing them so this beautifully designed piece provides a great solution. The Corner Nook maximises these often overlooked spaces for functional and engaging use. Crafted from only the best quality materials, this piece promises durability and will last for generations within your learning environment.

Note: This unit comes with a loose squab.

795L X 795W X 800H

$1,075.00 + GST

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TBC White White Maple Maple
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Gunmetal Stone Saddle Mustard Cobalt Ether Army Tussock TBC
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