With this centre, there was a story to tell and together we found a way to communicate that story. I took inspiration from the traditional Cook Island houses with their straw roof shape to try and create a silhouette of the furniture pieces that was familiar. On the the locker doors we used the center’s logo and the art work from the center that tells the story of how the Cook Island people once came to New Zealand. We also engraved the play house. We used the lockers and storage units as dividers for the big open room that hosts all age groups, to separate the Infants from the Toddlers and Preschoolers. In the middle of the dividing wall we had tunnel seat units with a clear perspex window so that the separated age groups could still see and connect with each other.

Rouruina and her team have been so lovely to work with and truly inspirational. We have had great communication from the first day and she always had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and that story to tell, and that has made our work so much easier. The highlight was to come back to the centre and see it all finished. The centre is beautiful, warm, inviting and fun, both inside and outside. This will be a great place for the community. We wish you all the best for the future! – Elinor, Starex Designer

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Peekaboo Childcare

We really enjoyed working with Michelle and Adrian on this project.

They were collaborative and helpful through every step of the way and brought such strong knowledge and insight to all aspects of the fit-out.

Highlights of the project were working on the bespoke lockers and reading nook. We worked together to spark ideas on each of these bespoke items and it was then so rewarding to bring these ideas to life and see them fit so well in the centre for the final result. We built the lockers in to the wall: a more seamless design and this was the first time we added a pocket window on the door of each of the lockers, upping the personal element.

I look forward to working with Michelle and Adrian again and sparking more ideas and bringing them to life – Elinor

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Little Sparrows

Mike and Nicole approached us early on in their project which helped us to come up with a great plan for the layout of their new centre. They wanted a custom made reading nook along with a large family play area with multi-storage and a separate science and discovery desk.  We added lighting to the nook and desk to create a welcoming feeling, while the pillar at the entrance of the room was utilised for seating and storage. Together we agreed on materials, colours and a common look and feel. The result is a mix of white and bamboo with little engraved Sparrow details to tie in their bespoke branding.

Even though the creative part of the process was through lockdown we had a great collaboration together. They were constantly giving me feedback and good direction on what they wanted to achieve. It was a great pleasure to work with Nicole and Mike – Elinor

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