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What is your vision?
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Your Journey Starts here...

We can take all the hassle and worries of fitting out your centre. We’ll customize the solution for your needs and build it with your from the ground up. Here is how…

First step...

Have you received our new centre pack with all the information you require about Starex, the 100% NZ Made furniture we manufacture and the endless possibilities?

This pack includes our full catalogue and pricing, colour samples and inspiration to show you what we can do to help you on your way

We'll come to you...

Arrange an onsite visit if possible to discuss measurements, colours, centre feel and philosophies.

If we cannot carry out a site visit, that’s okay… we will be able to base on Ministry of Education minimum requirements, the size of your centre, landmarks, colour schemes, styles and philosophies, sun, centre flow and lighting. With this information we will be able give you a furniture list along with some suggestions including WOW factors to set your centre apart from the centre down the road.

Organising Funding

Do you have a budget? Do you need assistance with finance?
We now offer Flexigroup Finance (lease or lease to own options).

Click here for more information about Flexigroup options through Starex.

What is your vision? We can do anything!

View our inspiration gallery to get the creative juices flowing…
We can create a WOW factor that is unique to your centre.

So when can I get it?

We’ll get a quote and pictures to you with drawings and measurements. Once you confirm we can schedule production of your furniture to ensure we meet your deadlines.

What are you waiting for contact us now...